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“Golden is a daring retelling full of intrigue, betrayal, danger, and just the right amount of swoon.

You will never see 'Goldilocks' the same way again!

A must read!”

–Sherry Ficklin,

USA Today Best Selling Author

Goldilocks was never naive.

She was sent on a mission

and Dov Baer is her new target.


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Before Auluria was sent on her deadly mission, she was a young girl in training. Find out what her cousin, Lowell, put her through in Forged.

I recommend reading Forged AFTER Golden and BEFORE Locked for the best experience (hint: always read them in the order the author wrote/published them)

Goldilocks was never naive.

She was sent on a mission

and Dov Baer is her new target.

He’s been called the reason women have such high expectations for him in Golden, the first book in the trilogy.

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Hard choices need to be made and Auluria has no plan other than to try to save the people she cares about. When people fro her past interrupt her present, nothing will be as easy as she thought. Welcome to another deadly installment of Goldilock and her story.

With their biggest battle yet looming right in front of them, Auluria has to make hard decisions that will cost her people. Death is not something they are unaccustomed to, but with battle lines drawn in blood, no one will make it out unscathed.

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Want to go on a mission with Goldilocks?

The people in charge are sending Auluria on one last mission and she needs your help!

This interactive, choose-your-own-adventure game is played through FB messenger so you never miss part of the mission!

There are multiple paths to choose from, and each one contains unique hints about something that will happen in Edge (Book 3)

Play with your friends and talk once you’re done, because you never know who will get different information that you can piece together to help solve the puzzle before Edge releases in early 2018.

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Golden Chapter Headers

The Golden Series has unique chapter headers with hidden pictures from the stories.

There’s 15+ hidden pictures in each story’s chapter header.

Fans can figure out the pictures and secret meanings by reading the stories and listening to my live broadcasts where I give exclusive behind the scenes info needed to locate certain hidden pictures.

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Character Text Convos

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The Golden Trilogy

A YA Retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with a Dystopian Twist

GOlden Videos

Live broadcasts and videos are one of my favorite parts about being an author.

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Live Broadcast Launch Party

Did You Know?

My Goldilocks does not have white blonde hair

because when I was young,

I used to match my hair color to the dyes in the store,

and without fail, my hair was always matched to “gold.”

My hair has never been that traditional blonde color and

it always made me so upset when people would say she had gold hair and then portrayed her with white blonde hair.

Auluria corrects that!

Did You Know?

Most of the names in Golden have special meanings?

Dov, Berwyn, and Eden all mean “bear”

(umm, Bear Baer...yep, I went there)

Lowell means “wolf”

Shadoe is like shadow...kind of like his personality

And Auluria...well, that’s for me to know and

you to (maybe) find out!


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Did You Know?

In the original manuscript, Reyla and her friends didn’t have as big of a part in the story. I always knew I wanted to give Auluria friends beyond the Baer family, but original the boys had a shorter scene. After chatting with beta readers, they wanted to see more of the guys, so I added in more scenes.

You can actually find a bonus scene featuring Reyla, Katarina, Maylin, Sharone, Gloria, Gregory, Ben, Carter, and Dov and Silas on my Facebook page by DMing me.

My bot assistant will grab it for you!

Did You Know?

Originally, Silas wasn’t supposed to be Dov’s friend. He was supposed to be someone else that had a few lines here or there and Dov’s friend was going to enter the book later. I met Silas in his first scene and realized he was the friend and it changed the way the rest of the book was written.

He now has a devoted does Shadoe.

I am #TeamDov